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“Les Plaisanciers du Havre” is a private yacht club incorporated under Quebec laws governing non-profit organizations. It is run mostly on a volunteer basis for and by the members. Costs are kept reasonable, having only one full time employee and two or three helpers for the summer period.



The Club was founded in 1984 by a group of Havre-Aubert boating enthusiasts as dock space on the Magdellan Islands was very scarce for non-commercial vessels. A property and one fixed dock were acquired on the historic site of La Grave (from the old French “grève”: pebbly and sandy terrain). This natural, protected harbour was the archipelago’s earliest centre for fishing and commerce and today still retains its maritime flavour with boutiques, bars, restaurants, the Aquarium and Musée de la Mer along with our marina.


In 1986 the first section of floating docks joined the modest clubhouse to the fixed dock (quai du large) and accommodated 35 pleasure craft. Further sections were added in 2003, 2009 and 2013 to respond to an ever increasing demand for dock space. Today we can handle 90 yachts (including 15 visitors).


  • Provide an adequate degree of services and security for our members and visiting yachtsman alike,

  • Promote safe motor boating and sailing activities,

  • Support the local initiatives to protect our maritime heritage.



Président :

Sylvie Sarrasin


VICE-Président :

Robert Cormier



Bertrand Cormier



Yvon Renaud

André Lafond

Eric poirier

Daniel Painchaud



Réal Boudreau

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